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Free Updates

Once you pay for MediaGalleryPro™ you will never have to pay anything again, you'll enjoy our media player for life.

A/B Loop

Create loops of your favorite parts of the movie, once you create a loop it will play over and over..

Slow Motion

Our multi media player is packed with cool features that other media players do not have, like slow motion.

Multi View Screen

Our media player for windows facilitates watching 2, 4 or 6 videos simultaneously on the same screen.

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Free/15 days $29.99/Life
Organize Your Video Content yes yes
Watch up to Six Videos at Once yes yes
Safe and Secure Download yes yes
Playback Features yes yes
A/B Loop Feature yes yes
Uninterrupted Viewing no yes
Get All Future Upgrades, Free! no yes
MediaGalleryPro™ Testimonials
Marketing Presentation Software

"At first I thought to myself why would I need to view 4 or 6 videos at once. I did not realize the software would be one of my main tools to use for marketing presentations and animated slides shows."

testimonial - mediagallerypro helps to make marketing presentations

Lola C.
Los Angeles

Extreme (split-screen) Videos

"I ride rough terrain downhill tracks, and MediaGalleryPro is great for making multi-angle GoPro videos. After you import and sync up all the videos you get to see everything on one screen, it's awesome!"

testimonial - mediagallerypro helps to make marketing presentations

Felipe Silva
Rio, Brazil

Video Analysis Software Alternative

"I use MediaGalleryPro as a golf swing analyzer. The amount of money the video analysis software costs is crazy and all I need is to see my swing from different angles, thanks MediaGalleryPro."

testimonial - mediagallerypro helps to make marketing presentations

Micheal James
Tallahassee, FL

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Welcome to the home of one of the most innovative sports analysis video software. Welcome to the home of MediaGalleryPro.

Whether you’re a professional or an amateur athlete, or even a coach, this product is exactly what you need to perfect every last detail of your training. Our comprehensive software is the ultimate performance analysis tool in the world of video technology applied to sports.

With MediaGalleryPro you can capture every single element of your performance. With our software you can become better every day and measure your results by comparing your newest triumphs with your previous achievements. Because it’s always about improving yourself and your practice, whatever your passion is.

There are probably a few questions racing through your mind by now. You might be thinking ‘But what is so different about MediaGalleryPro?’ or ‘What makes it so special?’.

Well, let us tell you.

Our sports analysis video software allows any athlete to be filmed from several camera angles, but that is not all. By now you know this is really the only possible way to capture every detail of a throw, a swing or even a whole game. But with MediaGalleryPro’s innovative multiple video software you can play the different angles back and forth simultaneously in order to extensively analyze your performance and boost it to be on top of your game.

The MediaGalleryPro software also includes picture-in-picture views of up to six screens. Thanks to this amazing feature every professional or amateur athletes and coaches can study their swing, stance, posture and so much more, always from multiple different angles. Once you have the software in your hands, it’s time to play and study these angles until you reach perfection!

“Imagine perfecting a golf swing, tennis serve, or baseball hit with this technique. The motion can be viewed repeatedly using the loop function, in slow motion, or even both. Each view can be independently analyzed. This can provide the coach and athlete a tool to improve performance and form,” says Paul Lessard, XXX at MediaGalleryPro.

Sure, there are already dozens of programs similar to our software on the market. But no other software can offer the same quality/price ratio that MediaGalleryPro can. Some of the programs currently for sale target professional sports teams and universities and can cost up to $100K. While the other companies develop their products only with the heftier wallets in mind, we have chosen a different way. We offer a carefully tailored product that works flawlessly for both amateurs and professionals, but is still affordable to everyone.

After capturing the video and analyzing the biometrics of your performance, you can then save the footage in your MediaGalleryPro video library. Organizing your videos with customized titles and descriptions will make it so much easier later in the game when you want to go back and document your evolution. You can even use the archives to compare players within the same team! The possibilities are truly endless.

And what about compatibility? This user-friendly software will work with any Windows-based device. All you have to do is download the program and open it once the first step is completed. You will then get access to a useful and convenient instructional video that will get you ready to use MediaGalleryPro in a matter of minutes.

After this first stage it’s just a matter of appreciating the high quality of the videos and the diversified set of functionalities that MediaGalleryPro has to offer.

Ready, set, go… Try our free two-week trial of MediaGalleryPro without any risks or future obligations. In case you missed this information before, to keep the program running after the end of the trial you only have to pay a one-time fee of $29.99.

It doesn’t matter which step of the podium you are standing on. Our sports analysis video software will gradually help you improve your performance until you have reached your goals.

We do our best simply because we want to see you thrive. Choose MediaGalleryPro as the new member of your team today!