mediagallerypro the revolutionary video software for watching multiple movies at once. Revolutionary Video Software

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MediaGallryPro™ Features

Enjoy free updates of Media Gallery Pro for lifeFree Updates

Once you pay for MediaGalleryPro™ you will never have to pay anything again, you'll enjoy our media player for life.

free media player looping feature A/B Loop

Create loops of your favorite parts of the movie, once you create a loop it will play over and over..

watch upto 6 videos simultaneously on our video player.Picture-in-Picture

Our media player facilitates watching 2, 4 or 6 videos simultaneously on the same screen.

Enjoy slow motion software from our media playerSlow Motion

Our multi media player is packed with cool features that other media players do not have, like slow motion.


Video Analysis Software Alternative

I use MediaGalleryPro as a golf swing analyzer. The amount of money the video analysis software costs is crazy and all I need is to see my swing from different angles, thanks MediaGalleryPro.

testimonial - mediagallerypro makes for a great golf swing analyzer and is a great video analysis software alternative

Micheal James
Tallahassee, FL

Marketing Presentation Software

At first I I did not think I would need to watch 2,4 or 6 videos at once. I did not realize the software would be one of my main tools to use for marketing presentations and animated slides shows.

testimonial - mediagallerypro helps to make marketing presentations

Lola C.
Los Angeles

Extreme (split-screen) Videos

I ride rough terrain downhill tracks, and MediaGalleryPro is great for making multi-angle GoPro videos. After you import and sync up all the videos you get to see everything on one screen.

testimonial - mediagallerypro is great for making gopro videos using multi-angle recording

Felipe Silva
Rio, Brazil

MediaGalleryPro's awesome video software offers tools that can be used for video analysis and as a golf swing analyzer. MediaGalleryPro is not – in itself – a golf swing analyzer, as it does not have all of the bells and whistles that are included with the super expensive analysis tools. However, in our opinion, those additional features are not needed by someone who wants to view their swing to better convey their strengths and weaknesses. MediaGalleryPro paired with a couple of GoPro cameras – or even some friends with video phones – can enable you to achieve the results you want for a fraction of the price.

Film your swing from different angles and import the footage into our video software. Once you sync the footage up to play, you can view your swing simultaneously from different angles and use our other tools such as slow motion and A/B repeat to analyze your swing. Our A/B repeat feature allows a user to designate starting and stopping points to loop continiously during playback.

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