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Why Choose Our Video Software?

MediaGalleryPro™ both simplifies and beautifies the movie collection on your hard drive. Without dedicated video software like MediaGalleryPro™, your movies are treated like any other file. MediaGalleryPro™ creates a cinematic HD experience, turning your computer into a full-fledged personal movie library.

MediaGalleryPro™ will automatically transform your movie experience with virtually no setup required. When you want greater control, MediaGalleryPro™ gives it to you. When you want the app to stay out of the way and simply provide a great HD viewing experience, it will do exactly that.

Once you add a directory, our video software will automatically categorize your movies for you, making each category accessible in a handy sidebar. If you want to further fine-tune your library, you can easily create new folders.
The main view will show you a pixel-perfect grid view of your library, complete with each movie’s thumbnail. To see a larger thumbnail, just hover over a movie.

You can also opt for a list view, which provides further information on each movie, like the last time it was viewed.

Watching a movie, of course, is easy, but MediaGalleryPro™ goes beyond the traditional viewing experience by allowing you to watch multiple videos — up to six at a time — simultaneously with the multiplay view. To use multiplay, just select the videos you want to watch from the main view, then add them to multiplay. Each video will play side-by-side in glorious HD.

From multiplay, you can change individual videos without leaving the grid view, and even loop specific segments of a video- all without interrupting the other videos. Find just the right combination of videos? Save it as a playlist for easy access later.
MediaGalleryPro™ gives your movie collection the treatment it deserves- no longer are movie files a second-rate citizen on your hard drive.

MediaGalleryPro™ is intelligent- it handles all the work, and you reap all the benefits. It makes movie-watching on your PC fun and easy. Why watch just one video when you can watch six with MGP?

Of course, sometimes you just want to watch a movie. You want it to be simple, cinematic, and you want to squeeze every last pixel you can from the file. In short, you want an _experience_. With MediaGalleryPro™, you get the experience you deserve. The best part? Once you pay for MediaGalleryPro™’s professional level video software, you’ll never pay anything again. No monthly fees, no upgrade fees. In fact, upgrades and new features are yours, for free- for life.

It’s easy to get started. Just use the secure download link provided in the sign-up email. MediaGalleryPro™ utilizes the Windows Install Wizard for easy, fast installation.

Still not convinced? We’ll even give you a 15-day free trial to get started! Sign up and start transforming your movie experience!

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Software Features

Video Software that you only have to pay for once.Easy Set up and Installation

You can download MediaGalleryPro™ with a few clicks of a button from our secure download link provided in the signup email. Setting up the software to start viewing videos is simple.

Great HD Picture quality for your video viewing pleasure.Exceptional Color, Clarity

MediaGalleryPro™ allows you to watch your HD videos with great picture and amazing playback sound with no interference from the software.

Make playlists quickly and easily.Recall any Combination of Movies

After you close out of the multiplay view the software will ask if you want to make the videos you were watching in to a playlist so you can quickly and easily go back to it at a later date.

video tools for viewing you movies. Includes loop and reapeat featuresLoop/Repeat Features

You can create a loop of a portions of each video. So if you like a part of your favorite Movie, you can have that section of the video loop over and over.

Our videos software facilitates watching up to 6 videos simultaneously.Multiple Videos at Same Time

Our videos software facilitates watching up to 6 videos simultaneously. Choose any combination between one and six videos and press play.

Only pay once for our video software. - BannerFree Updates for life.

Once you pay for MediaGalleryPro™ you will never have to pay anything again. No monthly fees, no paying for upgrades, you are entitled to upgrades and new features free for life.


I have been using MediaGalleryPro for about a year. I love using it for viewing clips that I am using when editing video. MediaGalleryPro is great video software and it is well worth the money.

- Jessie. J / New York City, NY

I have been using MediaGalleryPro for about a year. I love using it for viewing clips that I am using when editing video. MediaGalleryPro is great video software and it is well worth the money.

- Jessie. J / New York City, NY

Finally, Video software that gives me the power to watch multiple videos simultaneously, the multiplayer reminds me of VLC software on steroids!

- Tim Logan / Salinas, California.

MediaGalleryProd makes finding and viewing my library of movies much easier. Watching up to six videos at once is a great. I love the features too

- Kathy Lancaster / Wales, England


  • What does the software do ?

    With MediaGalleryPro™ you can easily and quickly sort through video content on your computer, and watch your videos in our revolutionary multiplayer viewer. MediaGalleryPro™ also has many additional awesome features for enjoying your movies. Our video software offers a new way to enjoy all of your content.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    With MediaGalleryPro, there is a one-time payment. You'll then be able to use our software for life and get all future updates, free!

  • How do I make a payment?

    Simply purchase your subscription key from https://www.mediagallerypro.com/buyget-it-now/. Download and you'll be enjoying our video software in minutes

  • Why are some of my thumbnails showing an icon of a movie reel?

    Thumbnails are automatically generated in the background so it may take a little while for them to render. Check them again after a few minutes, or re-start the program to see if they have improved. Also, check “File size” in the Preferences to make sure you have the correct file size setting. You can also change resolution (size) in the Preference section to improve speed.

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